Summit One Vanderbilt at night


SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a new addition to New York’s already exciting cultural and entertainment scene.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, this observatory deck stands atop Grand Central Terminal. 

Guests can visit One Vanderbilt SUMMIT any time of the day – when the sun shines above your head or after dark.

Each time of the day offers a different experience, but nothing can match the serenity, the lights, and the colors of a night visit. 

Summit One Vanderbilt’s timings

From Wednesday to Monday, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt opens at 9 am and closes at midnight – after 15 hours. 

The last entry is at 10.30 pm. 

Since One SUMMIT Vanderbilt remains open for more than five hours after sunset, tourists wonder what is better – to visit during the daytime or at night. 

If you have never been on an observatory in New York, it is better to buy the day time Summit One Vanderbilt tickets and visit the attraction before 3 pm.

Daytime views from Summit One Vanderbilt

During the day, you get clear panoramic views of Manhattan and beyond from the observation deck at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. 

To your right, you’ll get an aerial view of Bryant Park; to your left, the Chrysler Building; to the south, the World Trade Center; to the north, Central Park and beyond that, the undulating hills of the Hudson Valley.

These photogenic views of Summit at One Vanderbilt will take your breath away. 

Nighttime views from Summit One Vanderbilt

Summit Glass Elevator at night
The glass elevator experience at night. Image:

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt makes the night more alive, rich, and colorful. 

Nighttime visitors to the Summit see stunning 360-degree views of New York City all lit up.

The shimmering golden lights make New York seem magical.

Most buildings have lighting effects, which you can see only at night.

However, iconic buildings aren’t always visible clearly, and taking pictures becomes difficult unless you have a good camera.

Besides this, the immersive exhibits at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt take on a new life after dark, which is a must-explore experience.

Nighttime experience at the Summit

Summit Air At Night

The Air, a glass enclosure, reflects light that scatters into different colors that are soothing to the eyes. 

The Yayoi Kusama’s Clouds sculptures look like colorful stones on the floor. 

Transcendence transcends you to an illusionary world where you see a bridge beneath your feet, lofty buildings on your right, and a sea to your left, all soaked in different hues. 

The sky box called Levitation makes you trippy as you stand on the ledge looking at the city washed in golden color. 

Ascent, a glass elevator, takes you to 1200 feet high, from where you can spot the statue of liberty and other landmarks shining under the moonlight. 

The Air, Transcendence, Levitation, and Ascent are all filled with sound and colors that, if you gaze up or down, you’d feel surrounded by a colorful cosmic whirlpool of the city.

The glass panels reflect and recast the depth of Manhattan city in a different light.

The optical illusion you experience at Summit One Vanderbilt during the night is something you cannot see during the day, making everything seem more supernal. 

Summit One Vanderbilt at night or day

Couple enjoys SUMMIT observatory after dark

The views from SUMMIT One Vanderbilt during day and night are unique and incomparable. 

If it is your first visit to a New York Observation deck, we recommend you purchase the daytime ticket and visit before 3 pm. 

During the day, you can see Manhattan’s layout, landmarks, and landscape more clearly. 

If you have already seen New York’s fascinating skyline from an observation deck, it is best to buy the nighttime ticket and be at the attraction after dark. 

Standing at the Summit One Vanderbilt’s observatory, with almost nobody around, is a romantic experience.

Note: If you want to avoid the crowd and wait in long lines, a night visit to New York’s most famous attraction comes highly recommended.

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