Summit One Vanderbilt’s Observation Deck


Summit One Vanderbilt Observation deck is the latest attraction to come up in New York City. 

It is a classic example of the synthesis of art, technology, creativity, and entertainment.

The immersive observation deck is spread over floors 91, 92 and 93 of the One Vanderbilt building at 45 E 42nd St., just above Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan.

The 91st and 92nd floors are completely enclosed in glass, while the 93rd floor has an outdoor observation deck.

The Observation deck is at a height of 1,210 feet (368 meters), while the One Vanderbilt skyscraper itself is 1,401 feet (427 meters) tall.

The elevators, an immersive exhibit featuring flashing lights, launch you to the top in just 42 seconds.

Note: It is better to buy SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets online, much in advance.

Daytime views from the observation deck

Empire State Building as-seen-from Summit One Vanderbilt

One Vanderbilt is the tallest commercial building in all of Midtown, which helps visitors admire the New York skyline in all directions.

From Summit One Vanderbilt’s observatory, guests can see the best view of the Empire State Building in the city available to the public.

Besides the Empire State, the One Vanderbilt in New York offers fascinating views of the Chrysler Building, the World Trade Center, and all of lower Manhattan. 

Far in the distance, you can see bridges along the East River, the Statue of Liberty, and even the Atlantic Ocean on a clear day.

Views from Summit observatory at Night

Night view from Summit One Vanderbilt

Nighttime visitors to Summit One Vanderbilt see stunning 360-degree views of New York City all lit up.

The shimmering golden lights make New York seem magical.
Most buildings have lighting effects of their own, which you can see only at night.

However, iconic buildings aren’t always visible clearly, and taking pictures becomes difficult unless you have a good camera.

Since the crowd is minimal, you can relax and walk around the observatory, taking in views from all sides of the building.

If you want to avoid the crowd or spend a romantic evening with your partner, it is ideal to visit Summit One Vanderbilt at night.

Exhibits at the observation deck

Besides being an observation deck, Summit One Vanderbilt NYC is also an immersive art installation. 

Each room and area offers something different – the glass floors, walls, ceilings, elevators, skyboxes, etc., make it a memorable trip.

The free-floating silver balloons, Clouds – a floor-based art installation, breathtaking views from Ascent, soaring high through Levitation, and the culinary experience at Aprés is what summarizes the experience at One Summit Vanderbilt observation deck. 

Truly, the Summit at One Vanderbilt is meant to thrill you, grill you and toss you high in the sky to show you the best New York sights. 

Best time to be at the Observatory

Sunset from Summit One Vanderbilt
During sunset, Summit One Vanderbilt turns into a colorful, magical place. It also offers fantastic views all around. Image:

The best time to visit the Summit One Vanderbilt observatory is early morning or one hour before sunset. 

You can avoid the crowd when you visit as soon as they open at 9 am. 

If you plan your visit one hour before sunset, you can see the city in daylight, see the sun go down, and then see the skyline become a glittering array of lights after dark. 

Don’t forget to carry sunglasses with you, as the glass walls create a bright environment, and book your tickets in advance

Facts about the Observation deck

Like the Skydeck in Chicago, the Summit observatory in One Vanderbilt also has glass boxes called Levitation. 

These boxes protrude from the building, and guests can look down vertically. 

The only other attraction in New York from where you can experience this is The Edge at Hudson Yards.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has the largest glass elevators in the World, which are aptly named Ascent. 

These lifts go up another 120 feet (37 meters) from the terrace, offering a thrilling experience to tourists. 

Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) has been the lead architect of One Vanderbilt. 

The architectural firm that designed The Summit observatory also designed Edge Hudson Yards’ observation deck. 

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