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Here are some of questions tourists ask before visiting Summit One Vanderbilt.

What is Summit One Vanderbilt?

Summit One Vanderbilt is a skyscraper in New York City offering jaw-dropping views. All glass elevators transport you to different levels echoing a unique story.

Is Summit One Vanderbilt worth it?

One SUMMIT Vanderbilt experience in NYC, features an observation deck, skyboxes, and an all-glass elevator complemented by many walk-through art installations to give you a multi-sensory experience.

Yes, Summit One Vanderbilt is absolutely worth it!

Where is Summit One Vanderbilt located?

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is located at 45 East 42nd Street.

Address: 45 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017. Get Directions

Its entrance is on the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal.

What are the hours of operation?

Summit One Vanderbilt is open from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

How many floors does Summit One Vanderbilt have?

The One Vanderbilt building consists of 93 floors, but Summit (the observation deck) starts on the 91st floor and ends on the 93rd floor.

The journey starts from AIR which introduces you to a few beautiful spaces: Transcendence 1, Transcendence 2, Reflect, Affinity, and Unity.

Then you take the elevator and move to the next floor, Ascent, and on your way, you can step out of the elevator at Levitation, a glass skybox to thrill you with mind-blowing views.

The last floor is Aprés to indulge in mouth-watering snacks and appetizers.

What is the height of Summit One Vanderbilt?

Summit One Vanderbilt is 1401 ft (427 meters) tall and is the fourth tallest skyscraper in New York.

What is One Summit Vanderbilt’s phone number?

Phone number of One Summit Vanderbilt is +1 877-682-1401

How is One Vanderbilt Summit during sunset?

The best time to visit One Vanderbilt Summit is during sunset, as you can partially enjoy the day and evening views.

The SUMMIT One lightens up with attractive colors, which makes for a visual treat.

What is Summit One Vanderbilt’s dress code?

Even though the attraction doesn’t have specific dress code, guests must wear appropriate clothing when visiting SUMMIT at One Vanderbilt.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Observation deck is made of glass, and any exposing clothes can make you and other visitors uncomfortable.

We recommend wearing pants, shorts or tights.

Footwear like Stiletto heels, steel-toe boots, sports cleats, and other footwear can damage the glass floor.

Women tourists should avoid wearing skirts and high heels.

If you are visiting during the day, bring your sunglasses along because it can get very bright.

Should I visit Summit One Vanderbilt during the day or at night?

If you’re visiting SUMMIT at One Vanderbilt for the first time, we recommend you purchase daytime tickets to get a clear view of the city’s skyline.

The attraction is more colorful during the night time, but you don’t get to see fascinating views of New York city.

For a romantic outing with your partner, it is better to book the nighttime tickets.

How long can you stay at Summit One Vanderbilt?

Summit One Vanderbilt experience tickets have no time limit on them. Once inside, you can stay for as long as you want.

However, guests are not allowed to return once they take the elevator to the next floor.

For instance, once you are on the 93rd floor, you’re not permitted to visit 92nd and 91st floors again.

Can I bring food inside Summit OV?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed beyond the security checkpoint.

Guests can’t drink, eat or smoke once they are inside Observation Deck.

However, the New York attraction offers interesting options at its restaurant called Apres.

Does Vanderbilt’s Summit One have restrooms?

Summit One has restrooms. However, the first available restrooms are not accessible until the visitors reach the first floor, which usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

The nearest restrooms to the entrance of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt are located in the Grand Central food court.

What are the rules for photography?

Photography is allowed at Summit One Vanderbilt. However, professional photography is not allowed without prior permission.

What are the best places to take photos?

There are many great places to take photos at Summit One Vanderbilt. Some of the most popular spots include the outdoor terrace, the indoor observation deck, and the glass elevators.

Can I climb to the top of Summit One Vanderbilt by stairs?

The stairs are closed to guests at all times.

Can guests bring strollers to Summit One?

Tourists can bring their strollers during their visit to the Summit.

They must be able to fold up the strollers while accessing the escalators and elevators.

How far is Summit One Vanderbilt from Penn station?

A 5 minutes drive from Penn Station will drop you at Summit One Vanderbilt gate.

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